Non-disclosure agreement template 

Protect your startup’s confidential information. Create and e-sign your NDA for free with Clara


Non-disclosure agreement template

Protect your startup’s confidential information. Create and e-sign your NDA for free with Clara.

Key features

Protect your startup’s confidential information and trade secrets


Create in minutes

All Clara needs is a few details, then your NDA is ready to use


Free data room

Store in Clara’s secure data room when you create a profile

Doc stack

NDAs and more

Get access to an entire library of legal document templates

Free non-disclosure agreement template

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Protecting your IP doesn’t have to be complicated

Generate mutual non-disclosure agreements, IP assignment agreements and restrictive covenant agreements in minutes by filling in a few simple details.

Data room document storage

Organising your company documents doesn’t have to be an arduous task. Create, electronically sign, store and share your legal documents in Clara’s data room.

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Create your NDA now

What Clara’s customers say

Clara helps startups of all sizes and industries grow and succeed

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“We spend a lot of time educating founders on basic legal concepts: what they need to do for us to invest in them. Clara automates these functions. As Clara’s first institutional investor, we knew intuitively from inception, this company will be a game changer.”

Vijay Tirathrai – Managing Director, Techstars

“We’ve always struggled to find software tools that can help us organise, visualise and manage our legals – until Clara. We’ve already seen a significant drop in our legal bills, not to mention the time saved.”

Matt Mueller – Founder & President, Knot Standard
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Frequently asked questions

Getting started can be daunting - Clara's here to help

I need to get ready for investment, but I don’t know where to start…

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Follow Clara’s goal-based approach to prepare for a successful funding round – and a loud round of applause.

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How do I decide my next move? I’m looking for tools to analyse my startup’s progress...

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Clara transforms your details into cap tables and structural maps, helping you gauge where you are now and what to do next to reach success.

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I’m worried about due diligence. How do I make sure that every detail’s correct?

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Clara’s Health Check bulletproofs your next step, scanning your startup for issues and helping you fix them.

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I need a legal document ASAP, but don’t have the time or the money to hire a startup lawyer…

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Clara helps you generate key legal documents in minutes. Simply add your details and watch the magic happen, safe in the knowledge that all your legal boxes are ticked.

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How do I form my company without filling out endless forms?

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Clara’s step-by-step formation process helps you set up a company in no time, no matter which jurisdiction you’re in.

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