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Clara is a mission-driven company building a novel operating system that is revolutionizing how businesses form, manage and grow their companies. 

Message from our CEO

We are building Clara to create a better way to manage legal and admin tasks. 

Businesses have always struggled to manage their legal and admin functions, not to mention the associated costs.

Clara’s company OS gives them and their advisors the tools they need to automate this work, avoid costly errors and allow everyone to focus on higher value work.

Our team pursues this ambitious agenda with a deep sense of purpose, having a lot of fun along the way.

Patrick Rogers

CEO & Co-Founder

Purpose & Principles

We feel compelled to help business owners, investors and their advisors by making legal and admin tasks fundamentally more efficient by demystifying and standardizing these tasks and empowering customers with our knowledge. 

At Clara, we employ passionate people who always aim to behave in a collaborative way. 
We encourage our team to pursue the following principles in our work:

Take ownership

We maintain an entrepreneurial mindset and take ownership, while staying strong as a team to achieve wins for customers, other stakeholders and ourselves.

Close the gap

We never assume what our users want or need. Every day, we aim to close the gap between the actual needs of our users and our understanding of those needs.

Explore and share

We value open-mindedness and encourage team members to respectfully seek out thoughtful disagreements to ensure we arrive at the best outcomes for Clara.

Stay curious

Nurture our culture of curiosity and continuously strengthen your skills, knowledge and character that will result in incremental and cumulative advantages for Clara.

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