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Cayman Islands

Incorporate your company in the Cayman Islands, a tax-neutral jurisdiction.

Why choose the Cayman Islands? 

The Cayman Islands is a well-known and widely trusted jurisdiction across the world

Long track record
with investors globally
Tax neutral
foreign ownership
Business friendly

Why Cayman?

Learn why Cayman is such a popular jurisdiction for structuring investments.

Trusted by leading companies, investors and lawyers around the world

Types of licenses

exempted company

Businesses benefit from the speed and simplicity of Clara’s digital incorporation process, while investors are attracted by the strong regulatory environment and legal protections that the Cayman Islands provides. Before you get started with incorporating your company, learn more about the benefits of a Cayman exempted company for businesses and investors.


Learn more about the benefits of Cayman

Before you get started with incorporating Cayman on the Clara platform, learn more about the benefits of Cayman.

Ease of administration

A Cayman exempt company can be incorporated with a minimum of one director and shareholder, and they do not need to be resident in the Cayman Islands. 

Ease of incorporation

The application process is done online, and all documents can be signed digitally on Clara. There is no requirement for any parties to be physically present in the Cayman Islands for the incorporation process. The company is typically incorporated within 3 to 5 days.


The Cayman Islands is a tax-neutral jurisdiction. There is currently no corporate, income, capital gains or any other tax on money earned outside the territory. 

Flexible ownership structure

There is no minimum share capital and no maximum number of shares or shareholders. There is no restrictions on the nationality of the shareholders.

Find out more about the exempted company license. Clara’s got you covered in Cayman.

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Starting a company is hard enough, but managing legal processes shouldn’t be. With Clara’s dedicated accelerator onboarding solution, companies can get the support and infrastructure they need to efficiently and professionally complete their legal due diligence and finalize an investment.

amal-dokhan Amal Dokhan General Partner MENA, 500 Global

Clara is a one-stop shop for everything equity related. All our data is safe and securely stored and accurately recorded. And our investors love having direct access. It has saved us countless hours and kept our cap table mistake free.

jessica-anuna Jessica Anuna CEO & Founder, Klasha

We spend a lot of time educating founders on basic legal concepts: what they need to do for us to invest in them. Clara automates these functions. As Clara’s first institutional investor, we knew intuitively from inception, this company will be a game changer.

vijay-tirathrai Vijay Tirathrai Managing Director, Techstars

You can’t beat Clara’s ESOP functionality. It allows us to grant options to our team in a few clicks while automatically updating our cap table. Truly next level.

michael-hunter Michael Hunter Co-Founder & CEO, Holo

Founders often struggle with managing their legal function due to lack of expertise and resources. And we’ve seen poor legal structures create hurdles to our investing in otherwise healthy startups. Investors like ourselves love that Clara gives founders the tools they need to establish, grow and scale their startups from day one on a best-practice basis.

shane-shin Shane Shin Founding Partner, Shorooq

US cap table solutions aren’t tailored to the differentiated needs of international startups. Clara is the only cap table provider we found that had emerging market startups in mind. Add to that all the other things you can do on the Clara platform, from building your ESOP to data room management, and switching was a no brainer.

omar-rifai Omar Rifai Co-founder, GrubTech

From company formation to maintaining the cap-table, by using Clara founders can digitally form their companies in a range of jurisdictions, create and manage their cap-tables and generate legal documents. Clara is quickly becoming an integral part of the startup software stack.

daniel-dos-reis Daniel Dos Reis Investment Director, Wamda Capital

Clara is a must-have for founders. Not only does it provide all the legal tools you need in a single platform, using Clara also signals to investors that you are a serious startup.

Mazen AlDarrab Founder & CGO, Zid

IP Assignments, what? I didn’t even know they existed before Clara. For startups, setting up governance, corporate structures, data rooms and fundraising are all hard to get right. Clara’s legalOS is premium. It pays for itself.

zohare-haider Zohare Haider Co-Founder & CEO, Jalebi

Binance uses Clara to incorporate and manage ADGM entities. The team at Clara are extremely efficient and go the extra mile to ensure we always have a smooth experience and meet our deadlines. Top-notch service!

Vishal Sacheendran Head of Strategy and Operations, Binance


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