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Scenario modelling

Accurately model ESOP pools and conversion of SAFEs and other convertibles, while visualising the dilutive effects of your next equity funding round.

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Data sharing & transparency

Build trust and engagement by sharing custom equity views with investors and team members.

Hands-on support

Our dedicated concierge team can help with migration and is always available for any assistance when needed.

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A cap table like no other 

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Clara's cap table is the world's first cap table solution designed for global companies using the Open Cap Table Format.

Clara's cap table is like no other

Competitive pricing
without stakeholders limits
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Works across
international jurisdictions

Common questions asked about our cap table

A cap table (or “capitalisation table” to give it its full name) is a summary of your company’s equity structure and who owns that equity. It sets out the number and class of shares, options, convertibles and warrants that the company has issued and to whom they have been issued. It shows the percentage of the company owned by the shareholder, option holders, convertible holders and warrant holders and how their ownership vests over time.

You and your co-founders need a cap table so you understand and keep track of the ownership structure of your company. When you are raising new investment, it will help you to decide the important matters you will need to address, such as relating to your valuation, how many shares to issue and the potential for dilution of ownership.

Your cap table should be updated every time there is an “equity event”. That could mean a share transfer, issuance of new shares, granting of options, vesting or exercise of options, issuing convertibles (e.g. SAFEs) or converting convertibles into shares.

Yes. Every time you do an equity funding round, your cap table should be updated to capture that information. Every round will show on your cap table through the round’s share class (e.g. your first round may show Series A Preferred Shares on your cap table and tour second round Series B Preferred Shares).

Yes. Your cap table will show the ownership percentage, voting percentage and fully diluted percentage (i.e. assuming all options are eventually issued). You can even see your percentages based on hypothetical future equity funding scenarios using our scenario modelling tool, which will include the conversion of any convertibles you have issued.

Yes. Your cap table should include all classes of shares that are issued.

The Clara cap table automatically tracks all vesting schedules, sends you reminders and allows for one click exercise and conversion of vested options into issued shares.

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