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Start Up Right

Execute and store agreements, manage your stakeholders and cap table, and make more informed decisions, all from a single platform.

Start Up Right

Structure your legal data and review your venture-readiness

Clara organizes legal documents and reminds founders to take action based on deadlines contained in legal documents, ensuring startups avoid
unnecessary errors.

Clara empowers founders by giving them a roadmap for their startup’s legal set up and educating them about the gaps in their startup's
legal hygiene.

Stakeholder Map

Visualize a startup’s entire legal structure in a single view and see how every stakeholder is linked to a startup by
legal agreements.

Cap Table

Say goodbye to Excel. Clara builds cap tables that are clear, dynamic and, most
importantly, accurate.

Data Room

Clara categorizes and stores legal documents and structures the key data within the documents. Welcome to Data Room 2.0.

Clara Score
+ Health Check

Gauge startup venture-readiness with our scoring algorithm and allow the Health Check to be your guide to address gaps in your legal structure.

Clara Concierge

Our concierge service allows you to pay a bit extra to access the Clara team to help you create workflows and assemble your startup's legal data even faster.


Generate and execute
best-practice agreements

Clara creates many of the best-practice legal agreements startups need, saving them time and money.

Clara has partnered with e-signature provider DocuSign so legal agreements can be signed easily through the platform. Every paid Clara subscription includes
e-signature functionality.


Level Up on the Legal Essentials

The Clara Academy is a central source of legal guidance and industry best practices, with personalized explainer video content delivered predictively to founders exactly when they need it.

Clara’s natural-language chatbot answers questions, delivers relevant information and provides guidance on legal matters that startups
must address.


Share your Clara profile

Clara allows startups to grant investors and their lawyers access to their Clara Profile, allowing due diligence to be performed with revolutionary speed.

The Clara Report, a PDF summary of a startup’s legal profile, can be created instantly and sent to potential investors to give them an overview of a startup’s legal structure and


Engage trusted service providers seamlessly

Clara integrates with a curated global network of startup-friendly professional service providers led by its own law firm, Clara Partners, to deliver strategic and "last mile" advisory services to startups.


“As early stage investors, we know how much startups struggle to get their legal health in order so that we're able to invest in them. With Clara, the time startups need to spend with lawyers has been significantly reduced as the platform has automated much of what used to require human interaction – resulting in significant cost savings for everyone.”

Suneel Gokhale – Partner

“There are some great software tools out there for startups but on the legal side, we’ve always struggled to find a solution that can help us organize, visualize and manage our legals – until Clara. We have already seen a significant drop in our legal bills as a result of being on Clara, not to mention the time it has
saved us.”

Matt Mueller – Founder & President, Knot Standard

"After years working for the likes of Wilson Sonsini and DLA Piper, we founded J&O Law in the belief that law could be practiced differently to deliver better outcomes for startups and high-growth companies. The Clara platform provides a solution so our team can focus their time on complex matters for clients and less time on basic legal items we would otherwise need to charge for."

Rachel Johnson – Co-Founder & Managing Partner

"At Techstars, each year we invest in hundreds of early stage companies around the world. Our legal teams spend a lot of time educating founders about basic legal concepts; explaining what they need to do on the legal side for us to invest in them and engaging with startup-friendly lawyers. Clara is changing all of this by automating these functions. As the first institutional investor in Clara, we knew intuitively from inception, this company will be a game changer."

Vijay Tirathrai – Managing Director
Data Security

We take data security
extremely seriously

Stakeholder Map
Are your servers secure?

Yes. Our servers are hosted on Google Cloud using Google Kubernetes Engine. We use enhanced security on top of our Container-Optimized OS including locked-down firewalls, read-only file systems and limited user accounts with disabled root login.

Cap Table
Is my data safe?

Yes, our cluster storage and snapshot volumes are fully encrypted with a concept known as “encryption at rest”. Additional layers of data encryption are provided from customer-managed encryption keys for the database’s encrypted storage engine, strong TLS/SSL encryption protocols, authentication and authorization via SCRAM, network isolation, VPC Peering on GCP, IP whitelists, and encrypted storage volumes.

Clara Concierge
Who is responsible for the security of my data?

The security of the data centers and infrastructure is provided by Google, giving you some of the best protection in existence. In our applications, the responsibility ultimately lies with us. We run extensive due diligence on our code and run periodically vulnerability tests to make sure our applications and your data is always safe
and secure.

Start Up Right

Clara is your legal command center: execute agreements, manage your stakeholders, and make more informed decisions, all from a single platform.

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