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Clara partners with Mintz

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Clara, the legal operating system that empowers tech company founders to digitally form, manage and scale their startups, has announced a new partnership with Mintz, a prominent US law firm. More than 4,000 startups around the world have created Clara accounts and the company’s partnership with Mintz marks its entry into the U.S. market. To date, Clara’s customers have raised more than $1 billion in venture capital.


Patrick Rogers, Co-Founder and CEO of Clara added, “We are committed to partnering with leading companies that move our startup customers forward, so they can move the world forward. We are thrilled to work with the Mintz team to support our growing roster of U.S.-based customers. Mintz has a sterling reputation of supporting startups from idea to exit. We believe this partnership is an important piece of the puzzle when it comes to surrounding founders with the resources they need to be successful.” 


 “This collaboration aligns us with a digital partner that allows us to provide Clara’s users with a cost-efficient way to start their business in a legally compliant manner,” said Dan DeWolf, Mintz’s Technology Practice Chair and Venture Capital and Emerging Companies Co-Chair.  


Under the terms of the partnership, Clara has built workflows to allow founders to digitally form Delaware companies on its platform, and create all of the documents they typically need to prepare for their first fundraise, or to enter into venture builder or accelerator programs (such as Techstars, 500 Global or Antler). These workflows are underpinned by Mintz’s best-practice templates and industry leading guidance. Under the terms of the deal, Mintz clients will be offered discounts for Clara’s subscription-based services and Clara customers who engage Mintz as counsel will be granted startup rate discounts by Mintz’s Emerging Companies team. 


Mintz Venture Capital and Emerging Companies Member, Sam Effron added: “As the exclusive legal partner to Clara in the U.S., we can ensure that founders of U.S. startups who use Clara’s platform are able to access all of the right documentation in an easy to use format and in one place. We can then assist such users with any further needs that they may have. We look forward to having the opportunity to work with them.” 


About Mintz

Mintz represents venture capital firms and other private equity investors as well as venture capital-backed businesses in all stages, from early- or seed-stage investments through subsequent multi-investor and late-stage financings, and IPOs. Mintz works with clients to examine their corporate requirements, financing avenues, intellectual property protection, employment issues, and regulatory and compliance needs, and assess how these impact their businesses and strategies. 


For decades, Mintz has provided creative, entrepreneurial counsel covering the full spectrum of legal services to innovative companies across a variety of sectors, including life sciences; health care; technology; FinTech; PropTech; EdTech; insurance & financial services; energy & sustainability (EnergyTech); sports & entertainment; real estate, construction & infrastructure; retail & consumer products; and nonprofit. Mintz advises first-time and serial entrepreneurs, and executives of growing companies. Mintz helps its clients develop and acquire new technologies, defend against competitors, and remain compliant with applicable regulations. Mintz is adept at handling cutting-edge challenges, such as privacy and data security issues. 



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