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Save $1295 on company formation & Scale subscription

Our package deal gives you everything you need to build your startup, all in one platform – company set-up (an ADGM SPV), key startup documents, cap table, data room and more.

company formation offers

Why form with Clara

Low cost digital formation

Complete the process digitally in a few clicks

No 1 ADGM SPV service provider

Avoid issues and delays with trusted ADGM experts

Bank account

Get your online startup bank account with one of our partners (additional discounts may be available)

Visualise your venture

Visualise your cap table, corporate structure and stakeholder information

Package offer

Now pay just $4495 instead of $5790

ADGM company formation


Form your ADGM holding company on the Clara platform using our highly automated and streamlined digital incorporation process. Package includes: 

  • Preparation of incorporation documents
  • Compliance review
  • Submission of incorporation application to ADGM
  • Licensing and Data Protection fees payable to ADGM
  • Use of Clara’s registered office address
  • Appointment of Clara as CSP

Scale subscription

Scale up for a major funding round. With Clara’s scale subscription you can generate documents, grant options to team members and communicate with investors. Package includes: 

  • Cap table
  • Key startup legal documents
  • Premium documents, including ESOP and Founders Agreement
  • Unlimited document generation and integration with DocuSign for digital signature
  • Data room with unlimited document uploads
  • Unlimited profile sharing

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Common questions asked

ADGM Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs) are a popular choice of holding company for many businesses and they are often established to ring-fence assets and liabilities. An ADGM SPV may only perform specific activities including buying, holding or selling an asset; securitising assets; and issuing investments.

Yes, ADGM entities can open bank accounts within UAE and internationally if required. Bank account applications for ADGM entities usually require a current dated certificate of incumbency stating the shareholding and director details. We can assist you with obtaining the certificate.

Start version allows you to use most of the features of the platform but with certain limitations. Whereas, on the Scale version you get full access to all features without any limitations. Here is a detailed comparison between Start and Scale along with payment plans.

Yes. Once your company has been incorporated, we will set up an initial Clara profile for you based on your company documents. This will include building your stakeholder maps, populating your cap table and preparing your data room.

Clara does not charge its clients to be appointed as the corporate service provider. Our incorporation and annual renewal fees include Clara providing your ADGM entity with a registered office address and acting as the appointed corporate service provider.

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