A guide to ESOPs [PAST]

Mar 07 · 1-minute read ·

About the webinar

Are ESOPs one of the best ways to motivate your employees? Absolutely. While startup founders typically have one in place, many don’t know how it really works. At Clara, we understand the challenges founders face with their legalities, let alone the trickiness of contracts related to their talent. After all, our mission isn’t only to modernize startup legalities but to also educate founders on the significance of certain key legal contracts for scaling their startups and when they should be entered into.

Here’s what will be covered

  • Why ESOPs are essential to a startups growth
  • The anatomy of an ESOP
  • When is the right time to set up an ESOP?
  • What is vesting?
  • How to create and manage an ESOP on Clara
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