Setting up your holding company -Tips & Strategies [PAST]

Mar 07 · 1-minute read ·

About the webinar

We know starting a business can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be when given the right information. Plus, having a platform that handles all the legwork on your behalf – from forming the company digitally to setting it up for success is the only secret sauce you need nowadays. Join us for a comprehensive webinar on setting up your startup from scratch and digging deeper into the comparisons of different holding company jurisdictions so that your startup can become investable.

Here’s what will be covered

  • Setting up your first company – where and what you should consider
  • Choosing the right holding company and why you even need one
  • Budgeting and hidden costs in the formation process
  • Issues with banking and how to plan around it
  • Timeline for the formation process
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